The Experience

The whole experience of a hot air balloon ride from inflating the balloon to packing it away – and, of course, the flight itself – is much loved by participants. Enjoy a new perspective on the world with a convenient balloon flight surrounding the Chesapeake Bay areas of Baltimore Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

It’s thrilling and yet gentle; it’s controlled and yet unpredictable.

Few experiences beat a balloon ride like this one on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

From the safety instructions, through helping to inflate the balloon, the flight itself and to the landing and recovery – the whole experience is a wonder.

A balloon flight is different from all other forms of flying; you can see for the full 360 degrees all around you, as well as up and down, and you feel at one with the elements as the breeze takes you where it will – yet you don’t feel it at all as you’re riding with it. You rise up off the ground and the world turns into a model with familiar landmarks taking on new perspectives, and you can often see wildlife. The feeling of peace and tranquility is unmatched by any other experience you can think of. There really is nothing like a balloon ride.

Most balloon operators enhance your day with a glass of champagne – but that’s only a tiny reason for taking a balloon flight. Much more important are:

  • The chance to really get away from it all for a day without having to drive all the way to Ocean City Maryland if you are coming from places around Fairfax County or Metro DC.
  • The uninterrupted views of Maryland and Virginia’s Eastern Shore full of wildlife along the Delmarva Peninsula.
  • The sights and sounds from several hundred feet above the ground.
  • The camaraderie of your fellow passengers in a flight with nature.
    In keeping with the best weather patterns for ballooning… a balloon ride would normally take place at dawn or dusk, and booking can be taken for individuals, pairs or groups. Booking online for balloon flights is now commonplace.
  • Passengers are not put off by helping to inflate the balloon and pack it away after landing. In fact, they say, that’s all part of the wonderful experience.
  • Balloon flights giving you a different view of Maryland & all along the Delmarva Peninsula make wonderful gifts for special birthdays, anniversaries or corporate outings. Take them beyond the four corners of the earth. What a way to impress! Delmarva Balloon Rides is a convenient hot air balloon trip from either side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.