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 If you are looking for a thrill for yourself or a loved one then a hot air balloon ride is the perfect solution. You will soar over the treetops and under the clouds for an experience you will never forget. Hot air balloon rides are truly unique experiences since you’ll be flying without an engine or propellers. Instead, you’ll be drifting along with the air currents. Your professional pilot is trained to understand the currents and will move the balloon up and down to take advantage of the layers of current that are all around you.

The lack of mechanical propulsion makes a hot air balloon ride a truly serene and peaceful experience. You don’t have the thrust or turbulence that you may experience with other air flight. That means that even people who normally don’t enjoy air travel can enjoy a hot air balloon flight. Instead of the push and pull you might expect from the wind, the landscape around you will seem to gently undulate. You’ll be suspended in a basket (or gondola) that is stable and, surprisingly, shows little rock or roll. The speed of the balloon during your hot air balloon ride will be determined by the speed of the wind. In fact, you’ll be traveling the exact same speed of the wind. This means no shaking or swinging. You will never find a better way to enjoy the landscape than the panoramic view that a hot air balloon ride affords you.

Hot air ballooning is a very safe sport but pilots do require training and certification. We often think of hot air balloon rides as an individual pursuit or an activity suitable only for couples. Children as young as six can enjoy the ride so there is no need to keep the family at home, unless, of course, you want to. A hot air balloon ride can also be a great reward for a job well done. Corporate outings can often be arranged.

Gift vouchers for hot air balloon rides are a very popular gift alternative. Your lucky gift recipient will be able to arrange a time and place that is perfect for their schedule. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a hot air balloon ride for yourself, a friend, an employee, or some other special person. You will be able to find the perfect adventure.